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StubHub EXID Page

※티켓을 구입하신 분들에게는 티켓 교환을 위한 안내사항을 보내드립니다.
※이벤트 당일, 각 회장의 StubHub 티켓 교환 창구에서 StubHub의 레퍼런스 번호와 신분증을 제시 후 티켓과 교환해 주십시오.(원칙적으로 본인 외에는 교환 불가)
※티켓 교환은 각 회장의 오픈 시간 1시간 전부터 시작됩니다.
※입장은 정리번호 순으로 진행됩니다. 정리번호는 이벤트 당일 교환소에서 안내해 드립니다.

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Ticket now on sale from “StubHub “!

It is now easier for overseas fans to purchase tickets too!
※StubHub supports 48 different languages.

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StubHub EXID Page

※Customers who have purchased tickets will be sent an e-mail, which can then be exchanged for tickets.
※On the day of the event, please go to the StubHub ticket exchange counter at the corresponding venue, making sure to have your StubHub reservation number and proof of ID with you. After these have been verified, you will be issued with your tickets. (As a general rule, customers must get their tickets in person.)
※Ticket can be picked up from one hour prior to the opening time of the corresponding venue.
※Entry to the venue will be in order of reference number. Reference numbers are issued on the day of the event when you pick up your tickets.

If you have any other questions, please contact StubHub, where you purchased your tickets from.



『EXID 2019 Summer Live Tour -TROUBLE-』

・2019/811(Sun)Zepp Namba Osaka
[2-1-39, Shikitsuhigashi, Osaka Shi Naniwa Ku, Osaka Fu]
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00

・2019/812(Mon)Zepp Nagoya
[4-60-7, Hiraikecho , Nagoya Shi Nakamura Ku, Aichi Ken]
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00

・2019/8/14(Wed)Zepp Fukuoka
[2-2-1, Jigyohama, Fukuoka Shi Chuo Ku, Fukuoka Ken]
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

・2019/8/16(Fri)Zepp Tokyo
[1-3-11, Aomi, Koto Ku, Tokyo To]
【Part 1】OPEN 14:00 / START 15:00
【Part 2】OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

Ticket price :  ¥8,800(Tax in)

※Numbered ticket
※Children of 4 years old or above need to buy tickets
※You can purchase 4 tickets per event per account
※Drink fee required at the venue

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